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e are a member of the most important organisations and associations in the industry. Constant dialogue with our partners in this network enables us to recognise market developments at an early stage and react quickly.


HIGH END SOCIETY e.V. is the trade association for high-quality consumer electronics. We see ourselves as ambassadors of high fidelity which reproduces sound and images faithfully at the highest possible level. We would like to convince people that enjoying good music and first-rate images is only possible with high-end quality products. HIGH END SOCIETY is a strong community with a voice that is heard both in public and in specialist circles. We represent a culture of hearing and seeing that is an elementary part of a cultured lifestyle. True sound and natural images make a lasting improvement to the quality of life.



We are members of the Smart Audio Alliance (SAA), an independent audio initiative supported by many different manufacturers. Its objective is to promote the hi-fi expertise of specialist retailers and make the presentation in shops more attractive to you as a customer. In short, the SAA wants to make sure retailers are up to speed with connected audio solutions.

Smart Audio Alliance


The Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) represents around 280 phonogram producers and record companies, which make up roughly 85 percent of the German music market. The association promotes the interests of the music industry among politicians in Germany and Europe, and serves as a main point of contact to the music industry for the public. As well as gathering and publishing market statistics and establishing industry structures such as the B-to-B platform PHONONET, the BVMI also provides specialists services for the industry. Since 1975 it has presented the GOLD and PLATINUM Awards to the most successful artists in Germany, and 1977 the official German charts have been compiled on behalf of the BVMI. In 2013, the PLAYFAIR campaign was launched to provide consumers with guidance on using music on the Internet.

The BVMI’s cultural activities take place under the label of the Deutsche Phono-Akademie: every year it recognises outstanding artists with the ECHO, ECHO Klassik and ECHO Jazz German music awards.



We provide a voice for small and medium-sized independent record companies in Germany and work to ensure that the cultural diversity, for which independent labels are largely responsible, receives more attention and is better appreciated. Our members see themselves as partners for the artists, promote up-and-coming talent and build long-term relationships with them. Our aim as an association is to achieve fair conditions for competition and market access for all record companies, regardless of their size. In short: act united – stay independent



Jazz and world music are important genres in the world of music. They provide diversity, originality and timelessness in an environment where things are often much too short-lived. They have significantly influenced far-reaching musical developments for decades, and in their nature are a link between the traditional and the contemporary. They appeal to adult listeners who are becoming an increasingly important demographic. Jazz&WorldPartners e.V. has been supporting the development of these genres for years and is always keen to find new partners and members who share its aims.


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