Whether it is meetings, conference rooms and workplaces, at home in the kitchen, or even renovating historic buildings: AmbienTech fits everywhere, perfectly. It provides a stylish atmosphere in the home and lends a modern touch to refurbishments. It has been proven to be practical and attractive for workplaces and is ideal for showrooms, shops or public buildings. Just a glance at our selection of references will suffice.

Renovation of a historical Low-German building from 1717

in-akustik, in cooperation with smart homes, is sponsoring a renovation project: it took almost a year to complete but now the project, which was the winner of our 2010 competition draw held in collaboration with the smart homes journal, is complete. The journal editors were on location to witness first-hand how a listed building can serve as the optimum location for AmbienTech

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Plankenhorn | VS-Tannheim

The Plankenhorn company has equipped its workstations with the AmbienTech system. Even the special compressed air system could be connected without difficulties.

Ystral Mixing Solutions

The Ystral company has equipped its conference room with AmbienTech. The invisible AmbienTone loudspeakers are installed on the left and right of the projection screen. The backlit AmbienTrack skirting board duct provides a fantastic atmosphere. The two half-height wall columns with integrated ceiling spotlights round off the effect spectacularly.

Sonner GmbH

This drywall construction specialist is installing a multimedia wall in its showroom/conference room fitted with two AmbienTone panels and AmbientArt LED strips.


With AmbienTech you enjoy a completely new sense of freedom to create spatial designs, capture light and to generate attractive ambience. 


Facets of Light

Did you know that LEDs provide IR-free and UV-free light without leading to a build-up of heat in the direction of the beam?


Cost efficiency

The more alterations that need to be made over time, the more new connections become necessary - and this is where AmbienTrack provides greater savings.

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