The unlimited facets of light.

The unlimited facets of light open up brand new opportunities for interior design. It requires only few technical components, which you can combine in any way you want. Based on cutting-edge, energy-saving LED Technology.

Light shapes our life

It influences our emotions. It enhances our mood. Colour temperatures affect our biological rhythm. The balance between dark and light can be both relaxing and calming. Whilst monotone or insufficient light can induce tiredness, an optimal level of lighting increases alertness and sharpens concentration. Yet, on top of all that, light is also an architectural styling tool that can be used for shaping modern living spaces.


More than just an antidote to darkness

It comprises all lighting aspects – it provides light for sight and recognition, direct light, staged light, white light, coloured light, light that excites and calms, as well as light and shadow tricks. AmbienArt deploys the inexhaustible diversity of light. Only minimal system components are required to bring the desired light sources to the right places – they can even be retrofitted.

LED Cubes

With their purist design, these chic, small AmbienArt LED cubes are stylish lamps that can easily be fitted to the AmbienTrack wall or corner pillars. Each side is 30 mm in length, they can be rotated 360 degrees and are inter-compatible. They are not only available in monochrome, but also in an RGB variant – which are extremely rare in this shape.

Did you know

  • that LEDs generate up to 100 lumen per watt and are therefore approximately 5 times more powerful than 20 watt halogen lamps.
  • that on average LEDs have 50,000 hour lifespan, i.e. they can shine for approximately 6 years non-stop and maintenance-free and without a bulb change.
  • that LEDs are designed with excellent impact resistance and possess an almost unlimited switchability with their minimal size.
  • that LEDs generate light that is free from IR and UV rays and do not give out heat emissions in the direction they are shining.


With AmbienTech you enjoy a completely new sense of freedom to create spatial designs, capture light and to generate attractive ambience. 



Life is more beautiful than any product presentation. Have a look at some of our reference projects to see the variety of options provided by our AmbienTech products.


Cost efficiency

The more alterations that need to be made over time, the more new connections become necessary - and this is where AmbienTrack provides greater savings.

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