Bigband Swing
35 - 0584207
  • Artist: Becker, Tobias Bigband
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0584207
  • Release Date: 18.10.2019
  • Label: Neuklang
  • Genre: Bigband Swing
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Sketches Of A Dream - Live


After releasing three studio albums and two live LPs – performed at Bauer Studios for the STUDIO KONZERT series, the Tobias Becker Bigband releases its first live-CD. For this performance the bigband was joined by a symphony orchestra of 70 members. This ensemble of almost 90 musicians was conducted by Tobias Becker who also composed and arranged all the songs for this concert.

The centrepiece of this premiere is the musical suite "Sketches of a Dream“, which describes in three movements very strongly different phases of a dream, as the title suggests. As a melodic addition, the voice of soloist singer Verena Nübel is seamlessly embedded into the familiar bigband sound as well as the symphonic accompaniment.

Tobias Becker was able to gather some of the best young jazz musicians of Germany to present „bigband jazz in perfection“ (Belgischer Rundfunk – BRF). These well-versed upcoming artists who usually perform with radio bigbands and orchestras form an astounding jazz orchestra, that propels Becker‘s nuanced compositions to new levels.

  • Saint Kitts
  • Sketches of a Dream: 1. Reflections
  • Sketches of a Dream: 2. Relaxation
  • Sketches of a Dream: 3. Repetition
  • You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
  • In the Wee Small Hours
  • Smile
  • Dark Clouds
  • Just Spring