Blues Rock
34 - 0366220
  • Artist: Ellis Mano Band
  • Format: LP Audiophile
  • Order No.: 0366220
  • Release Date: 24.02.2023
  • Label: Jazzhaus Records
  • Genre: Blues Rock
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Luck Of The Draw


"The sound and the arrangements are from the present, but the music is from the Golden years of Rock! This means for example that the vocals have to start after an instrumental intro." Two sentences are enough for the lead guitarist of the Ellis Mano Band to sum up his own claim for the current album "Luck Of The Draw".

With its third record since 2019, the quintet primarily targets to an audience whom taste of style is an intersection with the personal favourites of the band: Tedeschi Trucks Band, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Led Zeppelin - bands with international renown. The Ellis Mano Band members are all professionals: Chris Ellis (vocals), Edis Mano (guitar), Nico Looser (drums), Severin Graf (bass) and Lukas Bosshardt (keyboards) are experienced studio and live musicians - and sound engineers - who bring their knowledge into the music.

Handmade, down-to-earth rock plus pointedly placed blues particles without fashionable frills - but still fresh and unspent - that is their trademark. The eleven songs with their dramaturgically skilful tension arcs ("Blue Paranoia") are above all versatile - and you automatically want more of them! There are powerful rock songs like "Get Out" or "One for All", as well as the delicate, semi-acoustic ballad "Luck of the Draw", soul-tinged "Healing Light", the midtempo tracks "Never Gone", "Only with You" and the slightly loungey "Without a Warning" with soft pop touches, and the psychedelic trip "Forsaken". Meanwhile, "Good To Go" and "Turtle" have strong echoes of US jam bands - a preference that the Ellis Mano Band likes to show off live.

The musicians are very song-serving throughout. Their exquisitely playing string virtuoso sets tasteful accents, while the singer with his distinctive voice skilfully and emotionally shapes the sound. This - in cooperation with the remarkable keyboard performance and an intense, intelligent rhythm section inspires the varied sound of the record recorded live in the studio. The feeling is compact, warm as well as transparent and detailed.

In today's often ego-driven pop and rock biz, the Ellis Mano Band focuses purely on what it's all about: music. In doing so, they represent classic values that are also reflected in the album artwork and their appearance: Quality, style and timelessness!

Thomas Hammerl

  • Turtle
  • Get Out
  • Only With You
  • One For All
  • Blue Paranoia
  • Good To Go
  • Forsaken
  • Luck Of The Draw
  • Never Gone
  • Healing Light
  • Without A Warning