Singer / Songwriter
35 - 0366087
  • Artist: Scollo, Etta
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0366087
  • Release Date: 28.02.2014
  • Label: Jazzhaus Records
  • Genre: Singer / Songwriter
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Etta Scollo has created with the album Lunaria a musical interpretation of the novel of the same name to commemorate the recently deceased famous Italian writer Vincenzo Consolo.

Between narrative literature and sung poetry, we see a fantastic Sicily colored by a kaleidoscope of Mediterranean and baroque tones. The story tells of a Sicilian king, a melancholy character who is the opposite of the power he has. The untypical monarch is dreaming one night from the falling of the moon. It just seems a nightmare to be, but is actually a prophecy: in a faraway village in the land of the king, which can be found on any map, the Moon is really fallen ...

The story itself is already a score: songs, dances, poetry, whose musical tension is highlighted by a special language full of different dialect forms.

In Milan, Etta Scollo met with her musicians in the rooms in which Vincenzo Consolo wrote the text of Lunaria and they played there the music of the CD. Here at the home of Vincenzo Consolo, where the everyday life of the writer was happening, his personal and literary encounters took place. Here the musicians found the right atmosphere and inspiration to give musical expression to the words:

The island on which a fragment of a word lives, here it returns in all its grace and hope in a dream in the luminous joy of deception.

On tiptoe Etta Scollo and her musicians have come at a moderate technical equipment over the threshold and have been able to absorb in this environment , what Consolo himself described in a confidential and sensitive moment as one of his most intimate and dearest to him texts within his literary oeuvre.

  • Origine del tutto
  • Azzuro, giallo, rosso
  • Dona Sol e Vicere
  • O figghia
  • Tale talai la Duna
  • Nulla viene
  • Luna, lucore
  • Maculata Luna
  • La Regina
  • Nella gioia luminosa dell'inganno
  • Filastrocca dell'arancia
  • Lunaria
  • Lunanova