Vocal Jazz
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Memory Lane (DVD)


After 25 years of worldwide success, the Cécile Verny Quartet is topping of their career with a magnificent reflection.

The four musicians presented their audience with a thrilling silver anniversary celebration on the stage of Jazzhaus Freiburg on a hot Whit Monday. Two brilliant birthday concerts are now available as a recording on CD and DVD.

The Memory Lane holds in every level great musicality, unbridled joy, deep soul and improvisational ingenuity. With this recording, Cécile Verny and her three confidantes, prove once again that they belong on the forefront of today’s European Jazz scene.

  • The Wild Heart Of The Earth
  • No ID
  • I Would
  • Amoureuse
  • Car Désespérée
  • On Another‘s Sorrow
  • Humming
  • As Soon As they Have All Aligned
  • How Do I Love Thee?
  • One Smooth Ride
  • I Am Broken
  • Snow Falling
  • The Bitter And The Sweet
  • To Thomas Butts
  • J‘aime l‘idée