Mainstream Jazz
11 - 03721081
  • Artist: Wiklund, Tobias
  • Format: LP
  • Order No.: 03721081
  • Release Date: 24.02.2023
  • Label: Stunt Records
  • Genre: Mainstream Jazz
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Silver Needle (140g Vinyl)


Swedish Tobias Wiklund (b. 1986) is known as a brilliant trumpeter but also one of the few musicians of his generation who has cultivated a deep, personal connection with the lesser-heard cornet. In 2019, his acclaimed debut album WHERE THE SPIRITS EAT brought him much-deserved attention, with magazines hailing it as one of the Best Albums of the Year. He presented the breathtaking range of the instrument as well as his musicality with a passionate, mature voice. He goes even further into his own sound and the creative possibilities of his quartet on his second release as a leader, the new album SILVER NEEDLE.

Tobias Wiklund has written all the music presented here, except for three songs. He’s a composer who draws inspiration from all sorts of influences in life - feelings and events, large and small - and not necessarily limited to things directly related to music. He is also a self-proclaimed tea-drinker incarnate. “Silver Needle is also a very fine Chinese tea,” he says. “In our part of the world, people just pour some boiling water over a tea bag and the result is often boring. Knowing what tea can do and drinking it the right way can open up great experiences. Silver Needle has been fermenting for fifteen years - so it’s strong and amazing. I drink a lot of it when I compose. It increases my creativity and allows me to fly high.”

  • Existence is Your Perfume
  • Nothing, Nothing, Nothing
  • Silver Needle
  • A Speck of Light
  • Stolen Feathers
  • Endless Possibilities of Microscopic Moments
  • Thousand Flowers
  • That Lucky Old Sun