Breath-taking sound at an affordable price!

' In our quest for finding true air insulation we have certainly set standards with their Referenz series of high-end audio and speaker cables: Their unique Air Helix technology leads the way to unspoilt audio transmission. Now, we have added two new top-notch Air Helix cables for the high-end newbie to their Referenz range: the NF-1204 Air audio cable and the LS-1204 Air speaker cable. This way, every aspiring music aficionado can benefit from this high-tech design. Thanks to air insulation, enjoying hi-fi sound becomes a literally breath-taking experience.

Referenz cables with their innovative Air Helix design have enthralled numerous high-end enthusiasts all around the globe as well as the trade media. Built for interconnecting true “reference” high-end devices, they certainly make more than just a small difference in the sound of best-in-class audio systems. To make the ground-breaking Air Helix technology available to high-end newbies as well, we designed the NF-1204 Air audio cable and the LS-1204 Air speaker cable. The new members of the Referenz family are tailored to the needs of the many small yet fine high-end systems – and the budgets of their owners. Carefully crafted and with outstanding properties, these cables help any high-end system produce the perfect sound. Just like all speaker and audio cables from the Referenz series, the LS-1204 Air and the NF-1204 Air are entirely manufactured in Germany.