LS-4004 AIR - Helix to Heaven!

' Helix To Heaven: The LS-4004 AIR tested in the Fidelity 38. Here are some excerpts from the Review:

  • Right from the start, the LS-4004 AIR was astonishing

  • In a nutshell, the LS-4004 AIR lets users see what`s lacking in their standard cables - and the potential still lying dormant in the system itself.

  • The music flowed effortlessly into my ear and from there coursed right into my stomach. My goodness - that was fun!

  • Clearing the way for all the sentiments stored on the recording.

  • The deepest bass seemed to ownthe room with prviously unheared-of confidence

  • This cable has what it takes to lift the performance of my chain into the next class!

  • The difference between the not-too-bad entry-level strip of the system owner and the super cable from the Black Forest was so great that it promted me, with some curing, to seriously go and check the balance of my bank account.

  • In listening, the in-akustik cable prctically liberated the music from a corset

  • There`s no spectacle with this cable, no manufactorer statement calling for blind faith. Everything about it is visible and comprehensible.

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