NEW: LS-1204 AIR Pure Silver

'Even the LS-1204 AIR (copper) enthused the experts. Thus, the HiFi magazine AUDIO (12-2018) summed up: „A stroke of genius, the sonically shows the competitors the limits. OK, the price is not the smallest, but the sound increase, however, is real world class. In addition, everything was manufactured by hand. You can realy feel the love for the product.“ With the LS-1204 AIR Pure Silver, the entry-level model in AIR technology is now also available as a pure silver cable.

The design, the dimension and the arrangement of the conductors correspond to the copper version of this cable - the LS-1204 AIR. As with the LS-4004 AIR Pure Silver and LS-2404 AIR Pure Silver, we have optimized the conductors. Pure silver is used as the conductor material. Silver is currently the most conductive material under real conditions. At 61.35 S/m (Siemens per meter), its conductivity is about six percent better than that of copper. The electrons move 1.5 times faster than in a copper conductor!



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