Pendulum of Fortune

' Great review of the Pendulum of Fortune album in the latest monthly catalogue put together by the rock/metal mail order company Destiny Records (UK): " I just don’t get the mentality of the suits in the music industry at times. You get soulless, vapid shite rammed down your throat through every available medium on a 24/7 basis, yet material that merits some serious attention gets pushed out the back door with barely a mention … take the ‘Searching For The God Inside’ debut by Pendulum Of Fortune for example. Formed a couple of years ago by erstwhile Eloy drummer Bodo Schopf, you would have thought that his name alone plus that of PC69 / Voodoo Circle front man David Readman would have been enough to get the press excited but no, the media silence has been somewhat deafening. Their loss I guess but it can hardly be encouraging for the four piece, particularly when you take a closer look at the quality of the songs involved. Steeped in the best 70’s / 80’s retro traditions yet embracing the subtle intricacies a 21st century production affords, ‘Searching For The God Inside’ echoes Rainbow, Sabbath, Metallica, MSG et all yet isn’t particularly derivative of anyone. Crushingly heavy riffs – bassist Franky R. (MSG) and classically trained Russian guitarist Vladimir Shevyakov have certainly created a dynamic wall of sound bristling with melancholic melodrama – searing solos, angst ridden vocal melodies (Readman is on his usual tip top form), undulating moods and varied tempos are the order of the day throughout with swaggering juggernauts like ‘I Can’t Escape No More’ (very Rainbow) and ‘Higher’ (Aldrich era Whitesnake), or the shimmering ‘Timer After Time’ (Metallica meets Scorpions) illuminating an album filled with highs. Buck the trend and buy into something tangible, trust me, you won’t regret it!" (Destiny Records, UK)

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