Referenz LS-804 AIR

The unique AIR-technology from in-akustik impressively demonstrates what high-end cables can achieve in terms of sound. The German manufacturer is now expanding its Reference Selection Series with another top-class loudspeaker cable. For the entry into this class, the sophisticated Air technology is now available for the first time in a flat "ribbon" construction. The Air-Ribbon technology has made it possible to achieve an exquisite sound very efficiently by changing the cable architecture.

In the new Reference LS-804 AIR speaker cable, four wires run flat and not helically next to each other, as in the Air Helix cables LS-1204, 2404 and 4004 AIR. In this way, the electrical parameters capacitance and inductance are yet again finely tuned to each other. The division into several smaller, separate conductors also reduces the skin effect. In conjunction with Air technology, i.e. the "omission" of insulation material, which would "absorb" part of the energy like a sponge, even the Reference LS-804 AIR is capable of following very fast impulses. The sophisticated details of the Air technology counteract unwanted cable effects and make it an extraordinary loudspeaker cable.

Especially with less monumental amplifiers, the LS-804 AIR harmonizes perfectly and provides relaxed music enjoyment. Like all loudspeaker and audio cables of the Reference series, the Reference LS-804 AIR is completely manufactured in Germany.


LS-804 AIR

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