Review - LS-4004 AIR

'The online magazine from Australia reviewed our Reference LS-4004 AIR. The editor`s conclusion:

"So, on a practical level, the sheer gauge here may look anaconda-like but in-akustik’s Referenz LS-4004 AIR speaker cable’s extreme flexibility made it easy to channel around and behind equipment. That is a huge, yes huge, plus point especially in crowded spaces. It’s a clever– and perhaps unique – system using a guide/isolator that maintains the multiple fine conductors’ specific wind and separation which, as claimed by in-akustik, deeply influences the cable’s performance. Further allowance for easy set-up and cable ‘dressing’ was the bespoke connector system where the spades’ angle (as required in my system) was adjustable.

Most importantly, sonically the LS-4004 AIR was skilfully neutral, which allowed the preservation of tonality/instrumental timbre. This is not a trivial point. The precision by which your gear conveys tonal characteristics in voices and instruments is of utmost importance if you’re to approach the nature of the real thing. If a cable’s imbalance adds anything (and many, many of them do) then, no matter how good your electronics and speakers, that verisimilitude, that tonal credibility, is lost.

In addition to its excellent neutrality, add to the LS-4004 Air’s armoury a superbly solid bass, good dynamics with the recreation of wide soundfields and total precision in terms of image placement and you have a cable with all the requisite ingredients to suit high-end systems at any level."

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