HD BaseT & HDMI Installation

HDMI Signal transmission up to 100m

If you would like to connect several devices to an HDMI screen, for example a Blu-ray player, HD camera and a games console or in the reverse direction, if you would like to distribute pictures and sound from an HDMI source to different displays such as an LED screen and a projector, then you will certainly find the right solution in our HDMI product range: Multiply proven HDMI splitters and switch boxes distribute the signal. Our new HD-BaseT solutions now offer yet more options:

For ambitious video installations in the home and in professional applications it is often the case that lengthier routes from the playback source to the display are necessary. This is why we have expanded our range for processional installations and focussed on loss-free transferral of HDMI signals over distances of up to 100 metres. This has been made possible by the new Exzellenz HD-Base- T device series.

the essentials in brief

  • HD-Base-T transmitters, receivers, splitters and matrices
  • Transmission of the HDMI signals via a CAT6 cable of up to 100m
  • Perfect 3D displays in full HD or 4K resolution
  • Full HDMI bandwidth of up to 10.2 Gbps
  • Support of all current HDMI standards (3D, 4K etc.)
  • HD-Base-T transmitters and receivers also as wall sockets

Service & Support

You would like to know more about our HDMI- und HD BaseT assortment and the versatile possibilities and applications or you need support in planning a project? I will be happy to advise you.

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4k & 3D even over Long distances

The innovative transmitters, receivers and extenders as well as splitters and matrices of the HD-Base-T series are optimally attuned to each other and ensure an outstanding entertainment experience with perfect 3D displays in full HD or 4K resolution – even over Long distances. Additional Ethernet connections are used for network/ Internet connections of AV components. The IR channel (feed or return) allows the source device to be operated from the location of the playback device and vice versa with optional IR accessories.

The transmitter converts and transmits the HDMI signal via one CAT6 LAN cable with a length of up to 100 metres to the receiver. For example, network cables already installed in the building can be used, meaning there is no need for complicated and expensive cable laying. In addition, individual cable lengths can be manufactured and installed using familiar and conventional CAT cables and plugs. The full HDMI bandwidth of up to 10.2 Gbps as well as the current HDMI standards (3D, 4k etc.) are all supported.

Product catalogue

In our separate product catalog „Professional Installation“, every product is described in detail. You see at a glance which formats and features are supported, which maximum cable lengths can be connected as well as the type and the number of inputs and outputs. For questions about the products or to the correct connection, please contact our support team.

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Modular HD BaseT range

The modular structure of the entire HD-BASE-T product range means that there is no longer any obstacle to long-distance cabling of several HDMI signals. The splitter converts and transmits a signal to up to four receivers. With the aid of the 4x4 or 8x8 matrix, up to four or eight HDMI sources are available for an equal amount of HD-Base-T receivers. Every output can be independently routed to every input, controlled by the operating elements on the device, via remote control or via the RS-232 interface. The extender outputs the signal received via the CAT cable directly to an HDMI receiver and forwards it in parallel to a receiver or another extender. This allows a distributor chain to be created that can supply up to six displays with the HDMI signal.

The Exzellenz HD-Base-T transmitters and receivers are also available as wall-socket installations solutions and can thereby be integrated inconspicuously and elegantly in every room. They supplement the current in-akustik product range that opens a wide range of possibilities for fixed multimedia installations in the home: Various panel jacks and covers allow video and audio connections to be easily integrated in known switch systems, as well as in the in-akustik AmbienTrack system. Optically inconspicuous and technically of the highest quality – all connection terminals offer the very highest levels of operational convenience with minimal installation effort.