How The West Was Won (OST) + 1 Bonus Track

Alfred Newman

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Art.-Nr.: 012606376
Produktinformationen "How The West Was Won (OST) + 1 Bonus Track"
2-CD-Set der kompletten original Soundtrack-Musik von Alfred Newman zum 1962 Western How The West Was Won, einer der letzten "altmodischen" epischen Filme von Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, der großartig Erfolg genoss. 24 Bit digital remastered, umfangreiches 16 seitiges Booklet.
1 Overture: How The West Was Won/ I’m Bound For The Promised Land/Shenandoah/ Endless Prairie/ The Ox Driver/ I ’M Bound For The Promised Land/ How The West Was Won Various
2 Main Title Various
3 This Is The West Various
4 The Erie Canal Various
5 Two Hearts On A Tree Various
6 Shenandoah Various
7 First Meeting Various
8 First Kiss Various
9 The Morning After Various
10 River Pirates/Stalking And Killing Various
11 Godspeed Eve/ The Rapids Various
12 The Burial (Bereavement/ Rock Of Ages/ Fulfillment) Various
13 Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train/ War With Mexico/ Banks Of The Sacramento/ Wait For The Wagon) Various
14 Sit Down Sister Various
15 Wanderin’ Various
16 The Jump-Off Point Various
17 Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen/ Wagon Train/ Morgan, Lilith And Aggie/ Cleve And The Mule) Various
18 Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger Various
19 Raise A Ruckus Tonight Various
20 Come Share My Life Various
21 Cheyennes/ Indian Fight Various
22 Careless Love Various
23 Gold Claim Various
24 What Was Your Name In The States? Various
25 He’s Gone Away Various
26 A Home In The Meadow Various
27 Marriage Proposal Various
1 Entr’acte (How The West Was Won/ A Home In The Meadow/ Nine Hundred Miles/ Banks Of The Sacramento/ I’m Bound For The Promised Land/ When Johnny Comes Marching Home/ The Battle Hymn Of The Republic) Various
2 Mr. Lincoln Various
3 He’s Linus’ Boy Various
4 I’m Sad And I’m Lonely Various
5 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Various
6 Zeb’s Return Various
7 The Pony Express Various
8 A Railroader’s Bride I’ll Be Various
9 Workin’ Various
10 The Jugglers Various
11 No Goodbye Various
12 Zeb And Jethro Various
13 Buffalo Stampede/ Aftermath Various
14 Climb A Higher Hill Various
15 The Van Valen Auction Various
16 Gant (Desperado) Various
17 No Goodbye #2 Various
18 Celebration Various
19 Finale Various
20 Finale Ultimo Various
21 Exit Music Various
22 Miss Bailey’s Ghost Various
23 A Home In The Meadow Various
24 When I Was Single Various
25 Shenandoah Various
26 Rock Of Ages Various
27 The Erie Canal Various
28 Wait For The Hoedown [Long] Various
29 First Meeting #2 Various
30 No Goodbye #3 Various
31 A Home In The Meadow #2 Various
32 How The West Was Won [performed by Joe Pass] Various
Interpret: Various
Komponist: Alfred Newman
Label: Soundtrack Factory
Genre: Soundtrack
Sub-Genre: Soundtrack
Medientyp: CD
Besonderheit: CD + Bonus
Preis-Code: 142

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